2016 World Day for Decent Work

2016 World Day for Decent Work
2016 World Day for Decent Work

COTU (K) Joins the global labour movement in solidarity to celebrate the 2016 World Day for Decent Work . With the global economic crisis still hitting working people hard in every part of the world, trade unions around the world is once again organizing and mobilizing, events and activities on October 7 to demand decent jobs and full respect for workers’ rights.

Since 2008 the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has been organising the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) on 7 October. This is a day for mobilisation all over the world: one day when all the trade unions in the world stand up for decent work. Decent work must be at the centre of government actions to bring back economic growth and build a new global economy that puts people first.
No action is too big or too small for the World Day for Decent Work: whether be it a round table discussion, a huge demonstration, a protest letter, a flash mob, an update on social media sites or something completely different.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), decent work involves opportunities for work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and social protection for families, better prospects for personal development and social integration, freedom for people to express their concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives and equality of opportunity and treatment for all women and men.

The United Nations Economic and Social Council has given a General Comment that defines “decent work” and requires satisfaction of Article 7 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: decent work is employment that “respects the fundamental rights of the human person as well as the rights of workers in terms of conditions of work safety and remuneration. … respect for the physical and mental integrity of the worker in the exercise of his/her employment.”

Sustainable economic growth can only be attained through the advancement of Decent Work and Social Justice for workers.

Bro. Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS, Secretary General COTU (K) & President OATTU


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