Atwoli Applauds President Uhuru for his bold move of Reshuffling his Cabinet

COTU (K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has applauded the President for his bold move in effecting changes in his government that saw the president drop five cabinet secretaries who were on suspension on alleged corruption charges.

Bro. Atwoli further thanked the president for appointing politicians to his cabinet saying that its time Kenyans effected amendments to the constitution to allow for elected Members of Parliament to be appointed to the cabinet as was the case previously under the old constitution. He further explained his position that Cabinet positions are serious and sensitive such that the holders of such office must be people who have been tested and elected and therefore represent a constituent; such leader can be held to account by their constituents for bad governance and can also advice the president as opposed to the current situation where the hire technocrats have all proven to be just Clerks and unable to competently handle their ministerial duties.

Atwoli has equally cautioned Kenyans not to push President Uhuru too much but instead support him because the culture of corruption has been with us for a long time and that the President has been warning government officials in the past in vain and now he has been forced to crack the whip.

Bro Atwoli was speaking during a COTU (K) affiliates trade unions funds drive in aid of the late Brother Isaac Wamboye who intill his his death was the Secretary General of KUPRIPUPA (Kenya Union of Printing, Publishing, Paper Manufacturing & Allied Wokers). Over 500,000 was raised to cater for the funeral expenses of the late who will be buried at his home in Sabatia, Butere in Kakamega County on 5th December 2015.



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