SG’s Remarks during the 4th ITUC Congress.

COTU-K Secretary-General General Bro. Francis Atwoli addressing the 4th ITUC Ordinary Congress in Abuja Nigeria. In his moving address to the Delegates, Atwoli challenged the entire Labour Mov’t on the continent to seriously rethink their organizing strategies saying with a dwindling membership, ‘there is danger ahead’. He added…’ Run your trade Union offices not like […]

Labour Relations Amendment Bill 2019 draconian? COTU vows to fight it ‘with every breath’

Is Labour Relations Amendment Bill 2019 draconian? COTU vows to fight it ‘with every breath’ Labour Relations Act (2007) Amendment Bill was introduced in Parliament on April 24, 2019 by Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa. And its passage will be an injury to labour unions. The labour movement has now intensified pressure on Parliament to reject […]

Sis Rose Omamo addressing Informal Workers during the signing of MOU.

It is on this basis that the three COTU(K) affiliates with the support from Solidarity Center (AFL-CIO), embarked on a project to organize informal workers in Nairobi. Today marks the begining and success of this long journey.The COTU(K) Affiliates have managed to organise 5,600 informal workers and finally signed Memorandum of Understanding ((MOU) with their […]

Establishing Working Relations between COTU(K) Affiliates and Informal Workers Associations.

JOINT COMMUNIQUE ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF WORKING RELATIONS BETWEEN CENTRAL ORGANISATION OF TRADE UNIONS (KENYA) AFFILIATES AND INFORMAL WORKER ASSOCIATIONS 29TH OCTOBER 2019 For along time,  the trade union movement in Kenya  has been organizing workers in the formal sector. However with shrinking unemployment in the formal sector and the increase in employment opportunities in […]

Dr. Mwamadzingo Presenting on “the Global Commission Report on Future of Work”..

The 2-Days OATUU-ACTRAV Workshop on ILO Centenary: Advancing Social Justice, Promoting Decent Work, Role of Trade Unions As Outlined at the Opening Ceremony the Objectives of this seminar were to: Create awareness on ILO Centenary Declarationand its content Popularize the Global Commission Report on the Future of Work and its Recommendations Discuss and adopt national trade unions strategies and actions […]