The Central Organization of Trade Unions, Kenya (COTU (K) in conjunction with the Fredrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) have organized a one-week Global Outlook Trade Union School Training. The training aims at deepening the understanding of the participants on globalization and regional integration as it affects trade union work.


COTU – K at the 2018 Open Day for Employment & Labour Relation Court.Representing Bro. Francis Atwoli was Bro Isaiah Kubai General Secretary of Banking Insurance & Finance Union of Kenya and Executive Board Member of COTU (K)  . Bro Kubai made a remarks requesting the courts, especially the Employment and Labour Relation  Court to be workers friendly and timely in its producers to enhance cooperation as Social Partners.


As Tradition in the Labour Movement, The Labour Movement Fraternity held Labour Day Prayers at the St. Stephens ACK Church Jogoo Road on 29th April, 2018.

The Labour Movement Fraternity was Led by COTU (K) Secretary General Bro Francis Atwoli, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Hon. Amb. Ukur Yattan and Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Hon Wilson Sossion. In attendance was Nairobi Governor Hon. Mike  Mbuvi, Sentor Nairobi County Ho. Johnson Sakaja, Women Representative Hon. Esther Passaris  and other invited Guest.


The 2018 Open Day at Central Organization of Trade Union, Kenya is currently hosting a 3 day Open Day/ Wellness Camp at the Solidarity Building COTU, K Headquarters. The event was officially opened by Bro. Francis Atwoli’s the Secretary General and the Executive board.

In his opening remarks he mentioned the importance of having such an event to address issues affecting workers globally.

The main objective of this event is to address the following issues:

  1. Create awareness of COTU (K) and affiliated Trade Unions.
    2. Collective Bargaining Agreement.
    3. Recruitment and Organizing.
    4. Create Awareness’ for the upcoming Labour Day.
    5. Address Dispute relating to/ or rising out of employment between employer and employee.
    6. Wellness Camp
    7. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Biometric Registration




The Central Organization of Trade Unions Kenya COTU (K) is highly disturbed by persistent increases and disruption of services by Kenya Power since the interruption especially that of tokens has been consistent for the last few months and it is becoming worse hence slowing down our economy, hurting workers and largely troubling all Kenyans.

As COTU (K) we do question who are the owners of Vendit limited Pay bill number (521200) and Dynamo pay bill number (800904).  These Companies are a set up to milk poor Kenyans who are buying electricity tokens. They charge a premium for each transaction at extra cost for Kenyans. What is the logic of buying token for Kshs. 100 and you are charged Kshs. 22?

Kenyans have been cut off power because of these changes in payment that are eventually aimed at looting money from Kenya power. Kenya power has the capacity to provide the service along with Safaricom Limited using Pay bill number (888880). These other companies are still using Safaricom Limited for their services, thus the third parties do not add any value and are a plan to loot money from Kenya Power.

Stability in electricity services is essential for economic growth since any disruptions and increase in its costs affects workers who have already witnessed hiking of electricity costs and have been forced to dig deeper in their pockets.  We have seen new members being connected to the national grid leading to increases in consumption of electricity, their money should be protected.

We are tired of reports of inefficient systems to manage electricity since they have spiral effects. They affect the cost of production for business especially for small scale businesses.  Further, the increases will trigger inflation thus, lowering the purchasing power of workers and Kenyans as a whole.

COTU (K) urges the government to intervene and take immediate remedial actions to tame these companies that are eying to loot Kenya Power. We demand immediate intervention from the government more so the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.

Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS



The International Labour Organization Regional Director East Africa Bro. Wellington Chibebe,(on Atwoli’s left) pays a courtesy call to Bro. Francis Atwoli Secretary General Central Organization of Trade Union, Kenya.

He was accompanied by Bro Hari Pada Das Chief Technical Advisor International Labour Organization (on  Atwoli’s Right), Bro. Atwoli Congratulated Bro. Chibebe for his appointment and committed to work with him towards attaining decent work in Kenya and in the East African  Region#decentwork#solidarity forever.



Central Organization of Trade Union, Kenya Deputy Secretary General Bro. Benson Okwaro had the pleasure of hosting the Largest Turkish Trade Union Egitim Bir-Sen Vice President Bro. Ramazan Cakiric (on bro Okwaro’s Left) and Bro. Gazi Dogan International Liaison Officer and Advisor to the President of  Egitim Bir- Sen, Bro. Ali Yalcin.In attendance was Sister Carolyn Rutto 2nd Assistant Secretary General, Administrative Secretary Bro. Isaac Mbingi.

The purpose of the meeting was to foster cordial relations with Kenya Trade Unions in The Education Sector.


Central Organization of Trade Union, Kenya will be host a three day open week, from 25th – 27th April, 2018.The purpose of this event is to :

  1. Create awareness of COTU (K) and affiliated Trade Unions.
  2. Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  3. Recruitment and Organizing.
  4. Create Awareness’ for the upcoming Labour Day.
  5. Address Dispute relating to/ or rising out of employment between employer and employee.
  6. Wellness Camp
  7. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Biometric Registration.

Kindly Note that those who would wish to take part in NHIF Biometric Registration, are required to carry their National Identification and NHIF Cards.



The Central Organization of Trade Unions, COTU (K) Secretary General Bro. Francis Atwoli was with Hon. Maudline Cyrus Castillo Minister of Labour Empowerment, Elders, Women and Children in Zanzibar -Tanzania, Ms Maria Helena Andre Director ACTRAV -ILO, Mr Wellington Chibebe ILO -EA, Bro Eric Manzi Chairman EATUC among other Guests at the 12th  Annual Summit Meeting of EATUC , East African Trade Union Congress with delegates from East Community which are  Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda at Zanzibar.

One of the Agenda in the summit is the Launch of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan for the organization and Trade Unions, under the theme of future of work.While speaking at the summit, Bro Atwoli commended the Government of Kenya for supporting the Trade union movement and having allowed for implementation of Art 41 of The Constitution to allow workers to join Trade unions and participate in trade unions’ activities. This has resulted to growth in the numbers of organized workers and growth of COTU (K) and in turn growth of EATUC as the regional Confederation.He called upon COTU (K) and other affiliates to learn from the past achievements of EATUC and not to look so much into what has been done, but look into what has not been done.

Hon. Maudline appreciated COTU (K) for being in the forefront in agitating for workers right through strong and implementable plans to overcome the challenges of workers. She further mentioned that Zanzibar as a contry and Trade Unions in the region appreciate President Uhuru Kenyatta for his heavy emphasis on the expansion of the manufacturing sector in that way the Government will focus on boosting four manufacturing sub-sectors; the Blue Economy, Agro- Processing, Leather and Textiles. Political stability and harmonious Labour Relations is the bedrock on which we will achieve a robust manufacturing sector. This will improve the labour productivity and shpould be emulated by other EATUC partner Countries.



Central Organization of Trade Unions, Kenya COTU (K) in collaboration with Pan- African Trade Union Education Programme PANAF ABVV-FGTB is currently hosting a one week Non Residential Seminar for mixed Unions Study Circle Leadership at the Royale Hotel , Thika Town Kiambu County.

The purpose of this training is to address the following issues:

  1. Basic Trade Union Education
  2. Collective Bargaining Agreement
  3. Grievances Handling
  4. Occupation Health and Safety
  5. Industrial Relation and Social Dialogue
  6. Labour Laws