Bro. Atwoli in Egypt for a Nile Basin Workers Conference

Brother Atwoli receiving Sebha for prayers from Madam Maysa Atwa Member of Parliament and Women Representative in Egyptian Trade Union Federation in recognition to Bro. Atwoli’s strong belief in both Christian and Islam Faith in Sham El Sheikh.

The COTU-K Secretary General is currently leading a delegation in Cairo, Egypt at the invitation of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF).

The Conference is on;

“Strengthening the future cooperation among the workers of Nile Basin Countries” 

The COTU-K leader is being hosted by Bro. Gebaly El Maraghy, the President of ETUF and Member of a The Egyptian House of Representatives

ITUC Deputy General Secretary Bro. Mamadou Diallo, COTU (K) SG Bro. FA, COTU (K) 1st ASG Bro. ENN and the Organization's International Advisor to the SG Bro. AB at the 17th Session of the ITUC General Council in Brussels, Belgium. The Session ends on Friday.

Bro. Atwoli at the 17th Session of ITUC General Council in Belgium.

Bro. Atwoli at the 17th Session of the ITUC General Council in Brussels, Belgium. 

From Left to Right; Newly elected ITUC Deputy General Secretary Bro. Mamadou Diallo, COTU (K) Secretary General Bro. Francis Atwoli, COTU  (K) 1st Assistant Secretary General Bro. Ernest Nadome and the Organization’s International Advisory to the COTU-K Secretary General Bro.  Adamas Barasa at the 17th Session of the ITUC General Council in Brussels, Belgium.

The Session ends on Friday.

Bro. Atwoli in Brussels Belgium for EU and ITUC Meetings

Bro. Atwoli in Brussels Belgium for EU and ITUC Meetings

The Central Organization of Trade Unions, COTU (K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli who is currently in Brussels Belgium meeting the European Commission on the contentious Economic Partnership Agreements, EPAs and also attending the 17th General Council meeting of the International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC at the Union Headquarters, has congratulated and applauded the speech delivered by President Uhuru Kenyatta at his swearing in ceremony particularly his executive directive that all East Africans should freely access both employment and trade as well as own property in Kenya in full adherence to the provisions of the Common Market Protocol on free movement of persons in the region.

Francis Atwoli NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS SECRETARY GENERAL with Ernest Nadome his Assistant

Ban on Domestic Workers to Saudi and Qatar Should Stay

Our attention is drawn to an article in The Star Newspaper, dated 10th November, 2017, Page 16, on the above subject. The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour Hon. Phyllis Kandie is allowing Kenyans to be enslaved, tortured and killed in the Gulf Countries by her decision to lift the ban on Domestic Workers to Saudi and Qatar in two weeks time.  Her decision to lift the 2014 ban means bad for the Kenyan Domestic Workers and it is ill advised. Central Trade Union Organization Kenya, COTU (K) was not consulted as well as other social partners. The Cabinet Secretary should understand that the ban was put in place after Kenyans suffered and many died in the Middle East.

The 930 Recruiting Agencies that were banned in 2014 after reports of abuses increased have not been vetted freshly. The Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Kandie should let Kenyans know who approved the list of Accredited Recruitment Agencies whose names have been circulated to all embassies illegally.

The Government Labour Attaché who are purported to be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The United Arabs Emirates and The State of Qatar some have not reported. In addition, the Bilateral Labour Agreements with Oman, Lebanon and Jordan are yet to be concluded. Thus the Cabinet Secretary is lying to Kenyans and her decision is suspect of corruption and must be investigated.

Majority of African Countries have banned their citizens from working in these Gulf Countries, Kenya should follow suit.Further the Ministry of Labour has not provided an improvement report on the terms, conditions and services of workers in Saudi and Qatar. It has also not conducted any research on the violent attacks and killings of Domestic Workers.

The Inter-Ministerial Vetting Committee that was put in place for vetting has no representation by Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and The Central Organisation of Trade Unions, Kenya (COTU, K). This means that the Ministry of Labour is making shoddy decisions based on corruption other than genuine policy. The ban should not be lifted until proper structures are put in place.


Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS


Consultative Meeting Between COTU-K and NHIF

Consultative Meeting Between COTU-K and NHIF

Following other earlier consultative meeting; COTU-K Officials, Executive Board Members and General Secretaries from affiliate unions again met met with the top leadership of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to agree on the sticking issue in the implementation of the fund to its members. The two parties agred on the following five points as a way forward

  1. That NHIF will continues to offer both out-patient and in-patients services as has been before without any changes.
  2. The new changes announced by the fund remain suspended as directed by C. S. Cleopa Mailu and COTU-K do welcome this move
  3. COTU-K will constitute a consultative committee that will work closely with the top management of NHIF with a view of monitoring and updating our members on any changes as well as progress made with regards to  to offering better services to them.
  4. That regular consultations between the parties will continue as has been the practice previously and changes to scheme should be consultative and agreable to all parties.
  5. COTU (K) appreciating the efforts being made by the NHIF to continue improving on its services both for Out-Patient and In-Patient services to our members.



Francis Atwoli                                                                                                                                                   Geoffrey Mwangi

NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS                                                                                                                                      CEO, NHIF

Secretary General

Full Labour Day Speech by COTU-K Secretary General Bro. Francis Atwoli

Fake News Being Attributed to COTU (K) Secretary General

I wish to take great exception to purported news being circulated in the social media as well as on other platforms and allegedly being attributed to me as having convened a press conference on the current political stalemate in the country during which I apparently castigated the Deputy President William Ruto

The author of the said fake news one Owiti Owayo is a stranger to me and an individual I have no idea of whether real or not and wish to urge all Kenyan to ignore such propaganda being driven by certain individuals for their own selfish ends.

As COTU (K) Secretary General I am and will not allow to be branded anti-Jubiliee or anti- Nasa nor anti-any other political outfit since my position and particularly the membership I lead cut across all the political divides in the country and equally all these outfits are as a result of the expanded democracy that as Kenyans we have fought for over the years.

The crisis this country finds self in today is of a political nature and thus requires a political solution hence our position remains that let our politicians speak to each other, dialogue on the issues they don’t agree on in the interest of the country and this will allow Kenya to move forward.


Francis Atwoli,NOM(DZA),EBS,MBS


Happy Mashujaa Day

Today we celebrate and honour the brave women and men who have given their lives for our country Kenya. The preservation and continuity of our bountiful history and heritage spans generations, and our indomitable spirit is one of the fabrics that make us who we are as a Country.

 We celebrate the Kenyan heroes who stood tall for the country so that its pride stays intact. We  hence call upon our leaders both in the government and in the opposition to dialogue for our nation to rise higher.Thanks you.