COTU (K) SECRETARY GENERAL STATEMENT DURING THE 107TH SESSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR CONFERENCE IN GENEVA SWITZERLAND, ON 31ST  MAY,2018 The President of the 107th Session of the Conference Vice- Presidents of the Conference ILO Director-General Heads of Delegations and Ministers Present Invited Guests Ladies  & Gentlemen On behalf of the Central Organisation of Trade […]

Secretary General’s Speech in Abidjan, Cote d ‘Ivoire 5th – 7th February, 2018

Tripartite meeting of African members of the ILO Governing Body, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, 5-7 February 2018 Brother Francis Atwoli joins the Minister for Employment and Social Security of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire In his address as the longest serving GB Member on the African Continent, Atwoli noted the important role the ILO plays in […]

Remarks by Bro. Atwoli, During COTU (K)’S Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Validation Workshop

Remarks by Bro. Atwoli, During COTU (K)’S Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Validation Workshop

The Chairman General, COTU (K) Bro. RajabuMwondi, MBS The 1st Vice Chairman General Bro. Rev. Joel KandieChebii, OGW The Deputy Secretary General Bro. Benson Okwaro The Treasurer General Sis. Rebecca Nyathogora The 2nd Assistant Secretary General Sis.CarolyneRutto COTU (K) staffs present   Brothers and Sisters, I am pleased to join you this morning at this […]

Bro. Atwoli Attends China-Africa Trade Union Leaders Meeting in Beijing, China,

Speech by Bro. Atwoli at the Opening of the Joint Retreat of NHIF and COTU-K Leadership

The Chief Executive Officer, NHIF Bro. Geoffrey Mwangi NHIF Top Management Staff Present The Chairman General, COTU (K) Bro. Rajabu Mwondi, MBS The Treasurer General, COTU (K) Sis. Rebecca Nyathogora COTU (K) Executive Board Members and General Secretaries of our Affiliates Present   Brothers and Sisters  It is my pleasure to join you at this […]

COTU-K is well represented at the annual International Labour Conference in Geneva, led by our Secretary General Bro. Francis Atwoli

Address by Bro. Francis Atwoli at ILO’s 106th Session of ILC with Video link

THE 106TH SESSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR CONFERENCE (2017) IN GENEVA Address By Francis Atwoli, COTU (K) Secretary General Click here to Watch the Video recordings of plenary sittings, Bro. Atwoli speaks for a duration of about 10 minutes from 1:11:55 (1hr, 11th minute, and 55th second drag your cursor to that point). The entire […]


STATEMENT BY BRO. FRANCIS ATWOLI, NOM(DZA), EBS, MBS, SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE CENTRAL ORGANIZATION OF TRADE UNIONS (K) DURING THE 105TH SESSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR CONFERENCE ON 3RD JUNE, 2016 GENEVA Mr. President The Two Vice Presidents ILO Director General Hon. Ministers Delegates Ladies and Gentlemen Allow me to first and foremost congratulate you […]

Statement By Bro. Atwoli at The Plenary Discussion of The Director General Report at the 13th ILO African Regional Meeting

The chairperson of the 13th African Regional Meeting  The Director General of the ILO  Employer Vice – Chairperson  Worker Vice – Chairperson  Distinguished Delegates  Ladies and Gentlemen It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity on behalf of the Central Organization of Trade Unions, COTU (K) and my own behalf to congratulate you Mr. […]