Establishing Working Relations between COTU(K) Affiliates and Informal Workers Associations.

JOINT COMMUNIQUE ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF WORKING RELATIONS BETWEEN CENTRAL ORGANISATION OF TRADE UNIONS (KENYA) AFFILIATES AND INFORMAL WORKER ASSOCIATIONS 29TH OCTOBER 2019 For along time,  the trade union movement in Kenya  has been organizing workers in the formal sector. However with shrinking unemployment in the formal sector and the increase in employment opportunities in […]

COTU, K/ OATUU Womens Workshop Recommendations.

The Works of the Women Commission Workshop proceeded following the Opening Ceremony that was highlighted by the presence of Pr. Margaret KOBIA, the Cabinet Secretary in the Minister of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs of Kenya. The Workshop was mainly constituted of Presentations, Panel discussions and Plenary Sessions. The ILO Convention 190 constitutes the main Instrument used to […]