COTU-K and FES conduct four days online training on efficient and effective communication

COTU-K and FES conduct four days online training on efficient and effective communication

The Central Organization of Trade Unions in Kenya (COTU-K) together with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) conducted a four days online training to officials of more than forty trade unions in Kenya on efficient and effective communications. The training was officially opened by Bro. Benson Okwaro, the Deputy Secretary-General for COTU-K, on 20th August 2020 with subsequent trainings taking place on 25th, 26th and 27th of the same month.

On the first day, the officials were oriented and generally introduced to the objectives of the workshops. Peter Baraza made a presentation on the importance of mainstreaming ICT in Trade Unions followed by Dr. Damaris Muhika, from COTU-K, who presented on some of the campaign issues trade unions can address by use of ICT. After that, Sis Jaqueline Njambi made a presentation on communication for trade unions and agenda-setting. The day ended with a discussion on how unions can better embrace the use of ICT and social media.

Bro. Benson Okwaro, Deputy Secretary General COTU-K

The second day started with a recap of the discussions that took place during day one and then a presentation by Bro. Eric Oduor on how trade unions can better utilize mainstream media. He emphasized on opportunities and challenges in the use of mainstream media as a channel of communication for trade unions.

Dr. Damaris Muhika, COTU-K

This was then followed by a presentation from Dr. Mbugua Njoroge, from the Media Council of Kenya, on newsworthiness. He shared with the officials some of the accepted and workable strategies used by other organizations that have been able to capture the attention of mainstream media. The day ended with a discussion on how to use mainstream media to advance the agenda of trade unions.

Dr. Mbugua Njoroge, Media Council of Kenya

On the third day, Bro. Peter Baraza conducted a training on how to successfully design and execute a social media campaign for trade unions. Later on, the officials were grouped to brainstorm on some of the campaigns they can execute and how they will go about it.

Sis Jacqueline Njambi, COTU-K

The final day started with a recap of the discussions and presentation of the previous days then a presentation from Akisa Wandera, one of Kenya’s top NEWS anchor, on effectively utilizing mainstream media.

Akisa Wandera, News Anchor KTN

The meeting was finally closed by Bro Njeru, the GS for KUDHEIHA. Participants, during the vote of thanks, expressed a lot of interest in attending subsequent training on such important issues affecting trade unions. They urged the organizers to organize other training that would improve not just communication in and out of trade unions but the better functionality of trade unions.

The organizers of the training were Sis. Jacqueline Njambi from COTU-K and Brenda Chelangat.   

Jacqueline Kamau

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