COTU-K Appeals to NASA Coalition & Jubilee Party to Accept Minimum Reforms by IEBC

COTU-K Appeals to NASA Coalition & Jubilee Party to Accept Minimum Reforms by IEBC

COTU (K) is appealing to our Political Leaders to accept the Minimum Reforms being exhibited by Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission, (IEBC). Our leaders must realize that our Country is economically suffering and we can no longer continue putting the Country under anxiety and continued Political quarreling.

The ongoing strife is scaring away the investors and the entire Business Community eventually it may lead to job losses and the Political leaders must ask themselves whether they want to lead a country which is economically viable or a Country that is a shame of itself.

Therefore, we are appealing to our leaders to accept the proposed date of elections by IEBC which is Tuesday 17th October, 2017 and also to accept The Minimum Reforms IEBC is putting across bearing in mind there were only 60 days given by the Supreme Court with only 39 days remaining.

We equally appeal to Kenyans to accept the final results of the proposed Presidential Elections and uphold peace as the Country struggle’s to revive the shattered economy.

It is COTU(K) decided opinion that we must all as Kenyans grow the Economy and sustain Industrial Peace and the Country’s Peace in general, so that we can protect the meager jobs that we have.

I hope and trust that our Politicians from both sides will amicably form a round table meeting with IEBC and peacefully iron out the differences in order to pave way for peaceful Presidential Elections.


Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA) EBS,MBS