COTU (K) Applauds President’s Demand for Action on Graft

COTU (K) Applauds President’s Demand for Action on Graft
Francis Atwoli COTU K Secretary General

The Central Organisation of Trade Unions, COTU (K) applauds the President’s move to demand for action from Agencies tasked with tackling graft and we now call upon him to proceed and institute measures aimed at disbanding some of these Agencies starting with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, EACC.

It is evident that some of these agencies have become clear channels through which major corruption is executed and it is absurd that an Institution like the EACC charged with the responsibility of fighting and preventing corruption has positioned   itself as a key ingredient and accomplice in the vice where any accused person would love to rush to for clearance and being declared “clean”.

COTU (K) no doubt shares in the frustrations by the President where he effectively discharges his duties including blowing the whistle against those suspected of corruption and forwarding their names to such Agencies only for the same individuals to go behind the President and use the very ill-gotten cash to earn their clearance and declaration of being fit to go back to their jobs! It is shameful that the executive continues to be let down by these Agencies and its time they were shown the door.

Such move is important as it will send out a strong message to these Agencies and as a starting point let the EACC be disbanded and all its staffs and commissioners pack and go as we proceed on to identify other players allegedly in the fight against graft to follow suit.

As workers we are heavily taxed to sustain these Agencies and it is painful to keep waiting them shouting at the roof tops in their usual cosmetic manner with nothing tangible being realized in their quest to fight corruption.


Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS



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