COTU-K Calls for a Political Truce

COTU-K Calls for a Political Truce
COTU-K Calls for a Political Truce to Break the Impasse

On Thursday 12th October 2017, The COTU-K  Executive Board and the General Secretaries from all its 44 affiliates unions met at Solidarity House to deliberate on the prevailing political situation in the country that has been escalating. Led by Secretary General Bro. Francis Atwoli the COTU-K leadership observed that the country has been tinkering on an imminent conflict for several months running into the August 8th General Elections, and that since the nullification of that election by the supreme court of Kenya the situation has slowly been getting more tensed. COTU-K observed that the countrywide demonstrations are bleeding the economy; companies are closing down, workers are loosing jobs especially the Hotel Industry where their has been massive cancelation of booking as the tourism takes a beating. While addressing the media the Secretary General warned that Kenya was now headed to brinkmanship and that the situation needs to be arrested before it gets more worse than the post elections violence that rocked the country in 2007/2008.

In view of the delicate situation, COTU-K through its Secretary General Bro Atwoli is calling for a Political Truce to Break the Impasse. He has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga to reach out to one another for talks to save the country from falling into civil strife. Bro. Atwoli said that COTU-K is ready to convene the talks. He further gave a list of the eminent personalities who can lead the dialogue. These include; Hon. Yusuf Haji, Hon. Amos Wako, Hon. Jamleck Kamau, Hon. Dr. Oburu Odinga, Mr. Abraham Kiptanui, Mr. Hassan Ole Kamwaro, Hon. Zipporah Kittony, former labour minister Philip Masinde, Mr. Chris Kirubi, Hon. David Musila and Hon. Phoebe Asiyo as competent people who can lead such talks.

Bro. Atwoli said that the large number of unemployed youths is  a perfect recipe for chaos as they have nothing to lose.

“The handlers of these two big political outfits must advise them to tone down the political rhetoric. The current chest-thumping being displayed by both sides is not good for this nation. Unless we are careful someone will have to be held accountable.”

He added politicians must never view an election as a matter of life and death for the sake of a free, fair and credible election.


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