COTU-K SG meeting with Kudheiha workers union and young trade unionist in Kisumu.

COTU-K Secretary-General Dr. Francis Atwoli, today, addressed Kudheiha Workers Union shop-stewards at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu on issues touching on representation and workers’ rights.

The leadership of Kudheiha Workers Union, through their General Secretary Albert Njeru, lauded the COTU-K Secretary-General for his firm leadership and his dedication towards the modernization of Tom Mboya Labour College.

The Tom Mboya Labour College, which is under reconstruction, is a training and learning facility located in Kisumu used to, inter alia, train workers, offer labour related courses, hold conferences.

The COTU-K Secretary-General encouraged the young trade unionists to continue fighting fearlessly for the rights of workers and to remain vigilant against being lured into illegal dealings.

The S.G. also emphasized the importance of hard work and why a true trade unionist must remain a person of virtue, integrity, and discipline.