Cotu (K) Support For New NHIF Rates

Calls by the National Chairman of the Public Service Trade Unions of Kenya (PUSETU-(K) that the newly agreed upon National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) rates be re-negotiated are misplaced, misguided, uncalled for and irregular since all public servants in the country together with the members of the disciplined force already enjoy a totally different scheme within the NHIF that has totally nothing to do with the recently negotiated one.

The Central Organistion of Trade Unions COTU(K) believes that the opposition being made to the new rates is based on ignorance by individuals who have no idea on who will be the beneficiaries of the newly negotiated package between NHIF and COTU(K) and whereas this will solely involve COTU(K) affiliates and members, it is irregular for PUSETU-(K) to poke its nose where it has not been invited because when they were negotiating for their scheme that now runs currently, COTU(K) never got interested.

For the records, this is purely our members scheme that has been agreed upon based on the commitment by the NHIF to offer enhanced services to our members and it would be unfortunate to entertain any armphous trade union organisation without any locus standi to poke its nose where it is not invited to and this will be met with equal force from our affiliates and members and taken where they belong.

Equally, Bro Tom Odege is the least qualified to purport to be speaking on behalf of the Kenyan Workers because he is aware he has none and as Kenyans, please let us rid ourselves of any busy bodies trying to drag any such noble efforts backwards.

Francis Atwoli, EBS, MBS


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