Dock Workers Union Rejoins COTU(K)

Dock Workers Union Rejoins COTU(K)
Dock Workers Union back in Cotu

The giant Dock Workers Union has rejoined COTU (K), two years after it had left the giant umbrella Trade union for the Trade Union Congress of  Kenya. (TUC-K).

In October 2014, DWU, led by secretary general Simon Sang, amended its constitution to allow it to ditch COTU-K for TUC-K, a decision that deeply divided its membership. Some of the members opposed to this decision went to the Industrial Court in Mombasa to block it on grounds that the process of disaffiliation from COTU-K was not procedural, but the Industrial Court dismissed the application.

While publicly announcing the decision at a press conference DWU Secretary Genera Bro. Sang said the decision was sparked by “non-performance of the outfit” (TUC-K). “We had much expectation when we joined TUC-K, but it has really disappointed us, especially the way it dealt with the dismissal of 28 DWU officials from the port in July last year,” he said.Bro. Sang revealed that the decision was reached during an executive committee meeting on October 24.

Upon receiving the formal Communication fro DWU, The Secretary General of COTU-K Bro. Francis Atwoli convened a The COTU-K Executive Board that met, deliberated and subsequently approved their readmission.


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