Economics & Research

This is a very important department to the organisation as it acts as a service department for not only the other departments but also to the affiliates.

It is concerned with the collection , analysis and interpretation of data with a view of coming up with concrete supporting evidence in the support of workers cases at the negotiating table.

The main functions of this department are :-

  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of data for purposes of assisting die affiliates prepare themselves adequately in the collective bargaining agreement negotiations process
  • Carrying out research on me changes in the costs of living indices
  • Preparing background economic papers on behalf of COTU (K) on the national economic and Social issues.
  • Assisting in the preparation of COTU (K) input, in our country’s national budget.
  • Assisting the affiliates prepare their submissions to the Industrial Court especially on issues in the collective bargaining agreements that are of monetary aspect.
  • Providing resource persons who facilitate in workshops , seminars and conferences on topics such as calculation of cost of living indices , calculation of productivity changes , inflation trends , economics ,economic growth and economic development among other topics.
  • This department currently is also established in some of our affiliates and COTU (K) is striving to make sure that all its affiliates will have an economics and research department which is should be run by professional personnel.


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