Heightened Political Activities in the Country

Heightened Political Activities in the Country
Bro. Atwoli Attends China-Africa Trade Union Leaders Meeting in Beijing, China,

The Central Organization of Trade Unions, COTU (K) through its Secretary General Bro. Francis Atwoli, who arrived in the Country yesterday from a three- weeks’ International Labour Organisation, ILO Conference in Geneva Switzerland, appeals to the two leading Political Parties and Coalitions in the Country namely Jubilee and NASA to approach the forthcoming General Elections now a month away with very sober minds. 

It is in the interest of all Kenyans that we hold peaceful elections come August 8th and in order for us to achieve this, our political leaders must tolerate one another and throughout their campaigns preach the peace agenda based on the various political issues that are facing our nation and avoid personality-based utterances including calling for the arrest of one another.

Intimidation, harassment as well as calls of arrest are colonial, deceitful and cowardly particularly in an independent Kenya which has a Constitution that provides for freedom of Association and expression and we should be cautious not to frustrate those who want to air their views freely based on our Economic, Social and Political situations in our Country as this will lead to anarchy.

It is our strongest appeal to both parties across our Political divides to respect their respective opponents’ views as expressed for purposes of building up a peaceful co-existence that will result in peaceful elections as we are aware that if we plunge this country into anarchy, it is Children, Women and Workers who will suffer most and we don’t want to go there!.

Equally, let those in government not play retrogressive politics of intimidation, harassment and instilling fear into the minds of Kenyans as this will be a repugnant way of doing things.  Let all political parties appeal for votes from all Kenyans across the Country but not chaos.


Francis Atwoli, NOM(DZA) EBS, MBS



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