Kenya Airways Decision to Hire Managers From Poland Only is Unacceptable!

Kenya Airways Decision to Hire Managers From Poland Only is Unacceptable!
Remarks by Bro. Atwoli, During COTU (K)’S Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Validation Workshop

Kenya Airways is a National carrier and Kenya has interests including shareholders who are Kenyans. Even if Kenyan banks have mobilized funds to save the Airline, the funds originates from tax payers. Therefore the current Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sebastian Mikosz should bear in mind that Kenya has people some more qualified than him and there is no need for him to hire first line managers from his own country of origin.

Kenya Airways being a National carrier and a major brand promoter of our country should also have the face of Kenya in its diversified executive. This would reduce tension among employees especially those employed under leadership of former Chief Executive Officers. It is totally unacceptable for the CEO to hire from his former employer LOT Polish Airlines.Mr. Sebastian Mikosz must read the legal requirements of qualifications and nationality on who qualifies to be employed by Kenya Airways.

The Central Organisation of Trade Unions,COTU (K) is not going to take it lying down that a foreign CEO is recruiting people from further than East Africa knowing very well that Kenya, East Africa and Africa have capable manpower andexpertise to run our Airline.


Francis Atwoli,NOM(DZA),EBS,MBS



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