KMPDU Signs Recognition Agreement and CBA with COG representing all 47 Counties.

KMPDU Signs Recognition Agreement and CBA with COG representing all 47 Counties.
KMPDU Signs Recognition Agreement and CBA with COG representing all 47 Counties.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has signed Recognition Agreements and Collective Bargain Agreement (CBAs) with the Council of Governors (CoG) representing all 47 Counties. This has effectively ended one of the longest Industrial disputes between Kenyan Doctors and the Government that culminated with a strike that lasted over 100 days. At some point the union leaders were jailed for being in contempt of court as the strike raged on. This is a culmination of many days of tense negations that saw horse-trading and the spirit of give and take all geared to resolving the dispute, this included mediation between the two parties by the Law Society of Kenys (LSK), COTU Kenya, Kenya Human Rights Commission among others.

In his address, the KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Oluga thanked all stakeholders particularly the Council of Governors under the leadership of Governor Nanok for having negotiated honestly and with sincere intention of ending the long industrial dispute with doctors.

Others Speakers at the signing ceremony included; Governor Akaranga of Vigiga County also who chairs the intergovernmental and as well being the vice chair human resource committee of COG. Governor Ranguma of Kisumu County who chairs the heath committee at COG Chairperson COG, National Officials of KMPDU as well as several county executives and representatives from LSK and the Ministry of healthy.

The current Chairman of the Council of Governors, Turkana Governor Joseph Nanok thanked KMPDU for adopting a cordial approach and exercising patience during negotiation he also appeal to the nurses union to adopt the similar approach. He stated that it is the position of CoG that nurses union should come back to the negotiation table to achieve an agreement since County governments were committed to reaching a consensus. He appealed to KMPDU to intervene and mediate in the ongoing nurses since they work in the same environment. He stated that Governors were really concerned with the endless strikes that have plagued the health sector, pointing out that the union of clinical officers was also threatening to call a strike.

Governor Nanok  also called for disbursement of more resources to the county government so us to ensure that devolved functions like healthcare work seamlessly.

Turkana, Kisumu and Vihiga led by their governors who were present were the first counties to sign their respective recognition agreements and CBAs. The signed documents will now be registered at the employment and labour relations court so that they take effect and be protected by labour laws.


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