KPAWU COTU (K) Affiliates hold demonstration in Kericho Town.

Kenya Plantation and Agriculture Workers Union (KPAWU) an affiliate to the Central Organisation of Trade Unions  has held massive demonstration in kericho town in vehemently protests against the multinational tea companies led by Unilever tea Kenya limited, James finlays Kenya and Kenya Tea Growers Association for denying workers a salary increase for the past 6 years and instead engaging in unfair labour practice’s of initiating unfair labour practices by   compelling workers to voluntarily retire and replace them with Mechanical Tea Harvesters and Precarious Employment.

Kenya Plantation and Agriculture Workers Union has demanded immediate conclusion of 2016-2017 and 2018-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreements within 2 weeks otherwise workers with their families will picket and hold daily demonstrations at KTGA, Unilever and James Finlays Offices until a Collective Bargaining Bargaining Agreements  is signed