Our Objectives

Our Objectives
COTU-K Mission and Vision


  • Improve the social, economic, and political conditions of all workers in all parts of Kenya.
  • Facilitate the organization of all workers in the trade union movement.
  • Organize the structure and spheres of influence and amalgamation of trade unions affiliated to COTU (K).
  • Facilitate the settling disputes between members of trade unions and their employers or between the trade unions and their members or employees of one union and employees of another union, or between two or more trade unions.
  • Encourage the principles of the development and maintenance of good relations between employees and employers.
  • Secure adequate and effective representation in bodies dealing with labor and employment policies and legislation.
  • Establish and maintain funds by means of membership fees, monthly contributions, donations, subscriptions, levies, and by borrowing on such security and such terms as may from time to time be arranged by the Executive Board.
  • Set up appropriate committees to provide training, education and other facilities and enterprise for the advancement of workers and the labor movement in general.

Since its formation, the workers’ umbrella body had endeavored to create, develop and maintain a comprehensive social work, in conditions of freedom, equity security, and dignity.

COTU (K)’s activities have been geared towards:

  • Strengthening the affiliated unions
  • Promoting worker education
  • Lobbying and advocating for appropriate employment and labor market policies, and legal regimes
  • Articulating workers’ views and representation at national, regional, and international levels
  • Building solidarity, alliances, partnership and networks with government, private sector, regional and international trade union confederations, and other labour support institutions