President Keita was a champion for workers’ rights

President Keita was a champion for workers’ rights

Even as Mali is experiencing political upheavals and currently in murky waters, I would like, on behalf of all African workers, to wish President Ibrahim Abubakar Keita well and safety. President Keita has been a pro-worker president who, for long, has put the interests of workers above everything else.

In my service to Africa as the President of Organization of African Trade Unions Unity (OATUU) we had a cordial working relationship with President Keita: OATUU brings together 54 African countries and has its headquarters based in Accra, Ghana.

We were privileged to be hosted by President Keita in March 2017 when I was re-elected as the president for this organization.  He remained true to his commitment of ensuring decent work and protecting worker’s rights in his service to Mali.   

I would also like to urge other Heads of State to follow in his example of being supportive of workers’ rights and decent work.


Dr. Francis Atwoli (DZA), EBS, MBS.

COTU-K, Secretary General.


Jacqueline Kamau

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