PRESS RELEASE: Acrimonious Passing of Amendments to the Electoral Law

PRESS RELEASE: Acrimonious Passing of Amendments to the Electoral Law
the acrimonious passing of amendments to The electoral law

The Central Organization of Trade Unions, COTU (K) is deeply concerned with today’s acrimonious passing of amendments to the Electoral Laws that has left both government and opposition backed Members of Parliament deeply divided with hardly eight months to the elections.

COTU (K) is a live to the fact that should any violence erupt after our General Elections, the recipients will be workers, women and children with the political class staying safe in their comforts and it is against this background that COTU (K) wouldn’t anticipate witnessing any such repeat of the 2007/2008 incidences that were brought to Kenyans after an election.

As argued by many, the passing of this law was uncalled for in such an emotive and acrimonious sitting of MPs and it is evident some individuals have allowed power to get into their heads and use the August House to pass archaic legislations when it is in the interest of the nation that in case of such hostilities, the best parliament should do is to encourage dialogue and consultations similar to the previous IPPG case.

Imposition of any legislation to the electorate is a dangerous and scary trend because it only helps in negating our resolve to transparency and accountability and it is already evident that the law passed this morning by Parliament will create unprecedented chaos in this country and scare away our investors at a time when unemployment rate among the youths has run to levels never comparable in the history of this country.

Passing of any laws that aims at serving individuals will never take Kenya to next anticipated levels and COTU (K) now appeals to His Excellency the President to exercise his wisdom as our Head of State and Chief Executive of this country and refuse to ascent to this Law because by so doing, this will likely send this great country to the dogs and negate all the efforts he has personally put in in making Kenya a satelight nation not only in the region but on the entire African Continent.


Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA),EBS, MBS



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