The Central Organisation of Trade Unions, COTU(K) will be proceeding to Court to challenge the directive by the Attorney General Prof. Githu Muigai that the two clinics, namely Clinix and Meridian be paid over Kshs. 218 Million in compensation by the National Hospital Insurance Fund, (NHIF) following the termination of their contract with NHIF to provide medical services to Civil Servants.

No doubt the alleged contract between NHIF and the two clinics that were outrightly non-existent in their respective locations cited in the contract remains one of the worst corruption case unearthed in the history of Kenya where well connected individuals proceeded to lay claims to millions of workers’ money at the NHIF when none of these clinics existed in those areas.

Any learned person particularly the legal advisor to the government to order that the termination of the contract which eventually saved millions of Workers’ funds from further loss was unprocedural and that the NHIF pays as per its obligation is tantamount to abetting corruption and confirming the widely captured perception among majority of Kenyans on the Jubilee Government.

COTU (K) sees an even bigger sinister motive in the recent removal of the immediate former Chief Executive of NHIF Simeon Ole Kirgotty to have been meant to re-open the conduit and the long pipeline of siphoning worker’s funds at the NHIF, funds that are meant to improve our health facilities and provide extended health care services to the Kenyan Workers.

Equally, the National Assemblies Committee on Health should not be misadvised into making any such recommendation to pay the two Clinics in compensation because the whole process of the scheme was outright corruption on the onset.

We take this early opportunity to appeal to His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta whom we know is clean but a captive of cartels within the corruption Industry to come out clean and ask the Attorney General to rescind his decision and forthwith stop such statements aimed at allowing the NHIF to pay such colossal amounts of money to non-existent firms.


Francis Atwoli, EBS, MBS



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