Press Release: Threats by Governors to Sack Employees of Counties

Press Release: Threats by Governors to Sack Employees of Counties
Francis Atwoli Secretary General COTU Kenya

The Central Organisation of Trade Unions, COTU (K) is deeply concerned over increased chorus of threats and intimidations by most Governors across the Country to sack employees of their respective counties based solely on such employees’ political allegiance during the just concluded General Elections.

This move by Governors is unfortunate, unlawful and unacceptable to the Trade Union movement as it out rightly contravenes our own statutes including our National Constitution, the five sets of our Labour Laws as well as the relevant International Labour Organisation, ILO Conventions ratified and domesticated by the Kenya Government and now part of our Laws.

Our National Constitution 2010 is explicit on the role of a Governor.   However, it is absurd that most of the already sworn in Governors have assumed totally new roles that include threats of sacking, intimidation as well as avenging their anger on perceived opponents and workers and these developments are setting a dangerous predence in this Country where Professionals and employees hired to serve in various Counties are now forced to work at the pleasure of an individual with no security of employment nor respect of the Law.

Any Civil Servant working either under the National or County Government should be judged by his/her ability to discharge such assigned duties bestowed upon by virtue of his/her office and not be subjected to all manner of Political clandestine machinations and theatrics by Individuals who want to betray the very Kenyans who have elected them to this important office to protect their interests by upholding and observing the rule of law particularly having taken oath of office in this regard.

As a worker’s Organisation COTU(K) will not sit back and watch as rogue individual’s in the name of Governors hold the Country hostage dictating and reducing County Workers to cheering and singing praises of Political Loyalty to them at the expense of Service delivery to the public and we are sending out a warning to all of them already excited with this sacking business that such action will be met, with equal force from COTU(K) and you will be forced to pay heavily for such evil and illegal actions and we will use all available means including the Courts to get justice such to innocent employees.


Francis Atwoli, NOM (DZA) EBS, MBS



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