Secretary General Speech at the Social Protection Conference.

Secretary General Speech at the Social Protection Conference.

Today, COTU (K) Secretary General Dr. Francis Atwoli Ebs joined H.E President William Ruto, PhD, during the ongoing Social Protection Conference.

In his remarks, the Secretary General thanked His Excellency for the commitment shown by his government towards adopting the high road towards universal social protection for a socially just future for all Kenyans.

While making reference to the World Social Protection Report 2020-22 on Social protection at the crossroads-in pursuit of a better future, Dr. Atwoi reminded the delegates that this high road requires building permanent universal social protection systems to provide adequate and comprehensive coverage to all and guided by effective tripartite social dialogue.

He emphasized that the efforts towards attaining universal social protection are essential for preventing poverty and inequality as well as addressing current challenges in particular by promoting decent work, supporting workers in better navigating their life and work transitions, facilitating the transition of workers and enterprises from the informal to the formal economy, improving the structural transformation of economies and supporting the transition to more environmentally sustainable economies and societies.

Further, Dr. Atwoli lauded the commitment by the government considering the President’s directive to give the National Social Security Fund a goal and focus to ensure that the Fund covers all Kenyans through enhanced contributions resulting from implementing the NSSF Act of 2013.

To that end, he reiterated that it should be a mandatory requirement for every working Kenyan to contribute to the NSSF since this is a primary pillar insurance cover. He commended the support of His Excellency to transform the NSSF  into a Pension Scheme as opposed to a Provident Fund.

Dr. Atwoli ended by indicating that the Hustler Fund has revolutionized financial inclusion in Kenya whereby the majority of Kenyans have been availed with funds in the wider scheme of social protection for all and that, now, the hustler fund is increasingly becoming a case study for many countries seeking to gain an understanding of how technology can be used to bolster financial inclusion in a way that promotes social protection for all.


Kwanyukuri Kakai

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