State Of Insecurity In The Country


5thNovember, 2014


The increased reported cases of insecurity in the country continue to cause anxiety, jitters and fear among business operators and workers in the country leading to loss of investor confidence and subsequent relocation of businesses resulting into massive job losses for a country that is already strained in terms of creating jobs.

The Central Organisation of Trade Unions, COTU (K) as an umbrella workers’ body is deeply concerned that this reported cases of insecurity continue to escalate despite the government’s commitment in addressing the same that now threatens to destabilize our economy and unless immediate remedial measures are undertaken by the government towards seeking a lasting solution to the matter, the growing fear in terms of unemployment rates will no doubt fuel further insecurity.

Apparently, the workers are bearing the brunt of the same and with the recent death of twenty two (22) dedicated police officers in the hands of bandits and others missing, the country must be even more worried with the bold manner in which these attackers executed their heinous acts at the very people charged with the responsibility of protecting Kenyans.

This has led into Kenya’s business owners becoming worried and resorting into engaging extra security services at the expenses of growing and expanding their businesses putting more strain on the employees whom unless the trend is reversed, are likely to carry the burden by way of relocation of these businesses as well as reduction in the workforce.

COTU (K) now calls upon His Excellency the President to decisively address these growing concerns among the Kenyan employers and workers whose confidence rests in being assured that the country’s security apparatus are alert and our businesses and jobs are guaranteed.

Benson Okwaro


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