Trade Unions Organizers’ Roundtable Meeting Solidarity House.

Trade Unions Organizers' Roundtable Meeting Solidarity House.

Trade Unions Organizers’ are the the backbone of the trade unions movement. They are the ladies and gentlemen who toil and moil to recruit workers formally into the trade union. The growth of trade union membership is directly dependent on them.

On Tuesday 4th October 2017 Organizers from trade unions affiliated to the central organization of trade unions (COTU-K) held a Roundtable Meeting at Solidarity House. This is a forum that gives the organizers a platform to benchmark with their peers from different unions. The organizers aired their grievances, challenges, and success they have experienced in the past year. Notably, is the continued victimization of employees by their employers whenever they agree to get organised into trade unions.

The meeting was organsised with the generouse support of Solidarity Center AFL-CIO. In Africa, the Solidarity Center seeks to empower the labor movement and promote worker rights by organizing workers and strengthening their voice at the bargaining table; protecting their rights on the job and ending the scourge of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking.