Turning Tides on Kenyas Economy

Turning Tides on Kenyas Economy

Turning Tide on Kenya’s Economy :Recovery and Prosperity Through A Workers Lense 

Many workers in Kenya are currently held hostage by the harsh economic times of high cost
of living, depreciation of the Kenya shilling, high interest rates, high rates of redundancy and
persistent unemployment, dwindling international trade, ballooning public debt, run-away
corruption, institutional dormancy and high levels of taxation among other outcomes that
drive them to their knees. Perhaps this is the time to reflect on the birth of the Central
Organization of Trade Unions (COTU, Kenya) in the early 1960s when Kenya appreciated
the fundamental role of trade unions in promoting economic development and employment
creation (Republic of Kenya, 1965).
Since its formation, COTU (K) has been very instrumental in promoting decent work by
advocating for the full protection of the rights and fundamental obligations of workers in
every pursuit for Kenya’s economic development and job creation.

By Dr Francis Atwoli, NOM(DZA), EBS, MBS, CBS

Secretary General COTU (K) 


Jacqueline Kamau

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