Dr. Mwamadzingo Presenting on “the Global Commission Report on Future of Work”..

The 2-Days OATUU-ACTRAV Workshop on ILO Centenary: Advancing Social Justice, Promoting Decent Work, Role of Trade Unions

As Outlined at the Opening Ceremony the Objectives of this seminar were to:

  • Create awareness on ILO Centenary Declarationand its content
  • Popularize the Global Commission Report on the Future of Work and its Recommendations
  • Discuss and adopt national trade unions strategies and actions on the promotion and implementation of the ILO Centenary Declaration

To achieve these objectives, Dr. Mohammed Mwamadzingo, the Director of ACTRAV-AFRICA made two presentations titled Work For a Brighter Future (Report the Global Commission on the Future of work) and ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, 2019 respectively.

From his presentations, the Forth Industrial Revolution represents “the age when devices and algorithms influence our behavior”. It is based on the integration of virtual and physical production systems. This Revolution is set to bring changes in the world of work. Which will affect either positively or negatively the Future of Work.

Dr. Mohammed said, according to the World economic Forum 5.1 million Jobs will be lost by 2020 (depending on countries). It is important to note that Internet eliminated about 500.000 Jobs but created about 1.2 million other jobs. He added “The number of jobs wont reduced but the quality of jobs will be changed”. In order to deal with this situation that the ILO adopted the Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work, 2019.

The ILO Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work, 2019 looks at the major challenges and opportunities for the Future of Work, ranging from technology to climate change, from demographic shifts to the need for news skills. It provides guidance for Dealing with these pressing issues and a platform for cooperation with other organizations in the International System. ILO@100.